Mental Game Coaching

Telos SPC takes a 5 point approach to shaping athletes from prospect to pro:

  1. Assessment of mental game needs
  2. Appreciation of unique demands of each sport
  3. Development of athlete awareness
  4. Education on mental skills
  5. Follow-up and support


Leadership Development

Telos SPC brings more than two decades of experience to developing sports team captains and educating coaches on the mental and emotional aspects of player development. Rather than preaching at leaders, we collaborate with them to create sustainable sport communities that thrive from within.


Concierge Programming

Telos SPC collaborates with clients to develop personalized, unique and robust mental game experiences. Two cornerstone Telos concierge experiences are: 

  • Multi-day performance camps for intensive on-site learning experiences for athletes and coaches 
  • Season-long hybrid (i.e. technology supported) mental game services for universities, academies, and organizations.

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