Organizational Transformation

The telos team collaborates with sports associations and academies to develop and implement comprehensive player development programs that assist athletes in reaching their ultimate potential. Core aspects of such collaborations are the design and implementation of player development/sport psychology services, recruiting, training, and developing staff, as well as periodic assessments to assure optimal delivery of services. A program developed by the telos team will benefit athletes and teams directly, support coaches throughout the developmental process, and encourage a culture of excellence throughout organizations.

Organizational transformation services offered include:
  • Player development curriculum design and development
  • Development of communication material for sport parents and coaches
  • Seamless integration of coaching and sport sciences
  • Hiring sport science coaching staff
  • Staff development
  • Marketing of sport science services
  • Delivery of daily sport psychology services

The telos team has developed, implemented, and assessed programming for sports academies, athletic departments, national governing bodies, sports clubs, and schools. Throughout all of these consultations strong collaborative efforts have been forged with coaches, sport science professionals, and sports medicine teams. The telos leadership team has educated and mentored sport science and medicine professionals for over a decade. Furthermore, they have lectured and published nationally and internationally on various mental-emotional factors surrounding athlete development.