The Professional Sport Psychology Symposium and The Sporting Life

Select Articles by/with the Telos Team:
Controlling Your Side of the Net
Stoke the Competitive Fire
Mental Toughness for Lacrosse
The Golf Performance Cycle
Reflections on Sport Psychology and Basketball for Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group
Harbourtown for $7 and Myth of Pre-Shot at the Titleist Performance Institute

Select Scholarly Publications:
Massey, W.V., Meyer, B.B., & Naylor, A.H. (2013). Towards a Grounded Theory of Self-regulation in Mixed Martial Arts. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14, 12-20
Naylor, A.H. (2006). The Coach's Dilemma: Balancing Playing to Win and Player Development. Journal of Education, 187, 31-48

Select In the News Pieces:
Dealing with Serious Sports Injury
Golf Whiz Works on Mind Control
Mind the Puck
The Psychology of Game 7
Down at the Half
They Got Next: Thoughts on Multi-Sport Participation

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