Priming Performance
A Collection of Writings for Finding Consistent Mental Toughness

A Workbook for Athletes, A Resource for Coaches, Lessons for All

This text is your mental coach and like any good coach, it has a game plan. It is divided into four core sections: Foundations of Mental/Emotional Toughness, The Skills of Mental/Emotional Toughness, Putting Skills Into Strategy, and Further Reflections for Practice and Game Time Excellence. You will find that this text travels well (i.e. fits easily into your sports bag) and reads efficiently (i.e. perfect for bus rides to and from the field). Most importantly, these are tried and true ideas presented in a manner that any athlete can incorporate into a training regime with a little effort and a reasonable commitment of time. This text strives to build off of your passion for sport. Channel it and find your full potential on the playing field.

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A Quick 9 For the Mind
Stroke Saving Psychology and Philosophy

Reflections from Public Links to the US Open

A collection of writings focused on helping golfers of all levels find mental consistency, mental toughness, and more enjoyment on the course. Reflections on wisdom from tour professionals, swing coaches, sport psychology consultants, and everyday golfers

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Athlete Notes
Play Smart, Practice with Purpose, Succeed in Sport

Athlete Notes is a simple way to take control of your athletic development. Variations of this notebook have been used by professional, collegiate, and elite youth athletes to enhance their learning and mental preparation for sport. Rather than talking at you, Athlete Notes invites you to be an active participant in your journey towards athletic excellence.

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Golf Performance Handbook
By Matt Cuccaro, MEd

This Golf Performance Handbook is your own personal journal, guide, and coach that will assist the growth and development on your golf game. It will educate and assist you on your personal mission to maximize your potential on and off the golf course. It highlights the importance of training in cycles (prepare, compete, and evaluate/active rest) and assists you to generate your own personal keys to getting the most from each stage of your training. Learn about, get involved in, and enjoy the process laid out in these pages to achieve better and more consistent results.

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The Baseball Starter
A Handbook for Coaching Children and Teens

By Greg Chertok, MEd, CC-AASP and colleagues

With an emphasis on instilling a love for the game, this handbook instructs parents and coaches on teaching the basics of baseball to young players. More than 80 photos demonstrate the proper techniques for hitting, fielding, and pitching, and appendices of games and drills reinforce the lessons in ways that youths will enjoy. Taking into account the differing needs of players by age, the authors provide separate discussions for young children and adolescents.

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I Got This
Mental Game Wisdom for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents from Dr. Ed Kingston

This collection of sport psychology writings is a brief glimpse into a short, but vibrant sport psychology career. Dr. Ed Kingston brought down to earth insights to the athletes and coaches with whom he worked. Whether it was collegiate athletes or aspiring juniors, his messages resonated. Dr. Kingston passed away unexpectedly during the fall of 2011. He was doing what he loved most, coaching his son's youth soccer team. Not wanting the writings and wisdom of a career cut short to be lost, his colleagues at the Professional Sport Psychology Symposium have collected and bound them. This book is for athletes, coaches, sports parents, and sport psychology professionals. Ed would be pleased that his perspectives on high performance and the sporting experience continue to make an impact. All of the proceeds from book will be contributed to the Ed Kingston fund for his family - beautiful wife and two energetic children.

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Mental Training for Soccer
By Dr. Edward Kingston

This workbook is for the serious soccer player looking to improve the mental side of their game. Originally designed for the Sounders FC developmental programs and Olympic Development Program players, this is a easy read filled with useful tips and worksheets for personalizing each concept.

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